Team Velocause Centraal Cycling


Name: Benny Smith
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Years Racing: 4
Racing Discipline: Criteriums, Road Racing and Cyclocross
Racing Highlights: 1st place at Sheboygan and Waukesha in the 2010 Tour of America's Dairyland
1st place at Schlitz Park in the 2010 Tour of America's Dairyland
For the 2013 season Benny assisted teammates to win 7 criterium races. This included a 35 minute 'lead out' for the win of the Tour of Americas Dairyland at Schlitz Park criterium.
Misc: Ran cross country and track for University of Wisconsin - EauClaire. Captain for both sports senior year. Competed at Nationals in Cross Country his senior year.
Ran in 5 Marathons, all completed in under 3 hours.
Racing Strength: As a Domestique, Benny is a crucial part of the 'lead out' in road racing.