Team Velocause Centraal Cycling

Mission Racing to Give!

Velocause Centraal Cycling is a collaborative project initiated by socially conscious Masters bicycle racers who have a deep passion for civic responsibility and share a desire to give back to the communities that support them.  Our Velocause Centraal Cycling Masters bicycle racers who are all over 35 years of age, hail from the ranks of successful business people, professors, entrepreneurs and doctors.  The idea for Velocause Centraal Cycling came about because these Masters’ racers wanted to turn their passion for cycling into a means to help children at risk.  While the thrill of a race victory might last for a few moments, leaving a legacy of helping children through the sport of cycling will endure far longer.  This legacy is the premise of Velocause Centraal Cycling.

VeloCause META House

Velocause Centraal Cycling prioritizes three areas of children’s health and development that cycling can play a critical role in improving.  By focusing on the cognitive, physical, and environmental conditions that are central to childhood well being, Velocause Centraal Cycling is able to target partner organizations for which we can be of greatest help.

Preliminarily, we have identified non-profit organizations that emphasize childhood fitness, education, children afflicted with cancer, as well as promote energy conservation and sustainability.  Each of these three areas of emphasis correlates strongly with the positive benefits of bicycling.  We continue to work to identify partner organizations, to determine the most effective ways to promote our issues, and develop criteria for partner organizations to solicit us for grants.

TEAM Velocause Centraal Cycling rides and races in sanctioned events across Wisconsin and northern Illinois to drive greater visibility to both the foundations that work on behalf of children and the corporate sponsors that support their efforts where TEAM Velocause Centraal Cycling activity promotes solutions to these critical issues.  And all team winnings are donated to the causes we support!

Moreover, team members participate in workshops and other activities that help our partner organizations publicize their efforts and engage their client populations.

Name: McGee Young
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wi
Occupation: College Professor
Years Racing: 3
Racing Discipline: Criteriums, Road Races, Cyclocross
Racing Highlights: 2011:

Matt Wittig Memorial (WCA): 4th

Waukesha (TOAD): 3rd

Ripon (TOAD): 3rd

Madison (TOAD): 3rd

2nd Overall 35+ (TOAD)

Kenosha (SW): 9th

Bayview (SW): 10th


3rd Place, 2010 State Criterium Championship, Ripon Wi

3rd Place, Thiensville Criterium, 2010 Tour of America's Dairyland

2nd Place, Brookfield Criterium, 2010 Superweek

Misc: Married to Ann Vermut; two daughters, Malena (7) and June (4)
  Played competitive basketball until he took up cycling in 2009
Longest Organized Ride: 2009 Dairyland Dare, 200k
McGee Young