Name: Brian Schwaller
Hometown: Elkhart Lake, Wi
Occupation: Owner
Years Racing: 12
Racing Discipline: Road Race, Mountain Bike
Racing Highlights:
2013 WEMS Northern Kettles 60 mile duo. 1st place overall
3rd place overall at WEMS Single Speed State Championships
54th overall Chequamegon Fat Tire 40 (1,942 competitors)
2012 WORS - Crystal Lake Classic - Comp division 4th overall - 1st age 30-34
2011 WORS - Iola - Comp 4th overall - 2nd age 30-34
WORS - Bear Paw - comp 4th overall - 3rd age 30-34
WORS - Sheboygan - Comp 10th overall - 3rd age 30-34
WCA - 5th overall - Masters 1,2,3 Muskego Park

Misc: is a non-profit Brian started to promote and educate environmental awareness and sustainability in his community. He also worked with Maywood environmental park in Sheboygan, Wi helping train bicyclist to ride in a group, create better endurance and better understand riding etiquette.

Brian Schwaller