Here are some pictures from this weekend's cyclocross race:

ZMan Kills!! Benny's High Jump Masters 45+ starting sprint Angry Andy
Cross season is now on us and the Team Velocause CX racers are putting up some great early season results:
Cross the Rock Relay:
Masters 35+:  Benny and Andy with the win
Masters 45+:  Nys ZMan and Machete in 2nd
Masters 45+:
3rd - Steve Sarver
7th - John Boudry
Lake Geneva:
Masters 35+:
2nd - Brady Frederick 
11th - Benny Smith
Masters 45+:
3rd - Gean Tolli
6th - Steve Sarver
25th - John Boudry
33rd - Sven ZMan


2014 Lake Geneva: Brady on the podium


WCA racing takes this weekend off while we are at the Trek CXC race in Waterloo for two days of racing as part of the national CX race calender.  This race will attract some heavy hitters to Wisconsin so it will be fun to see how Velocause matches up in the large fields. This is a great event for spectators and its very family friendly. If you are looking to enjoy an afternoon.

Oh, and Deschutes Brewery will have beer on tap.

Team Velocause held the first Cyclocross Relay at the Rock over Memorial Day weekend.

Storm clouds threatened for most of the day and an afternoon shower made the course a bit more interesting. A remark was overheard from one of the competitors which suggested the race course was the more technically demanding than others from the 2013 season. The course was quite short which meant each rider completed 8 very fast laps. Many off-camber sections atop a slippery clay surface helped to keep the high level excitement.  


Ominous clouds warn of impending showers.

Having the pro and co-ed events later in the afternoon meant the Masters men had lots of fun. The DJ/announcer provided music and quality comments. The hecklers were out in force especially later in the day. 

Jay Labecki providing helpful on-course advice.


Andy and Benny won the Masters by catching the Trek/TeamWisconsin boys late in the race. Steve and Barry (who likes being called Z-Man) were 3rd overall. Ross Adams also had a great showing earlier in the day - he suffered an intense shower and slippery conditions.

Thanks to The Rock for drink specials; Darren Hauck for expert photographs and to Marna for advocating on our behalf (which saved us from cancelling the event by building a course on the front side of the grounds!).

Thanks to all volunteers who helped make this event a success.

Velocause represented the field well with Trevor Russel, Michael Froh, Brian “Keyshawn” Leatherman, Chris “Zugelnation”, Brian Schwaller and Mario “Big Injin” Medina. The team was working to get Mr. “Injin” into “The Move”, however if it was still all together at the end, we agreed to lead out the fast guys if it came down to a sprint finish. Course conditions were ideal for a break; gentle rollers with some pretty windy conditions on a 7.5 mile open course loop.


A couple early moves were made/covered by Schwaller, Zugelnation & Keyshawn with the rest of the team staying active at the front of the peloton marking different riders. Mario ended up putting in a solo effort shortly after a small group was brought back to the peloton. After being out a bit on his own, he was eventually joined by LAPT’s Vansusteren and Trek’s Eric Knuth. Due to the teams’ hard work and smart racing, the trio stayed away the entire day and was eventually joined by another rider around mile 35 which only added to the breakaways horsepower. With about 3 miles to go, one more additional rider bridged up and then attacked the lead group creating some separation. Mario tried closing during the final sprint and unfortunately came up only a few feet short for second place. Keyshawn cleaned up the field sprint for 6th.


A big thank you and congratulations goes out to Team Velocause for putting together an excellent team effort!!



Team Velocause was fully outnumbered in this very tight and technical .8 mile closed course.

2014 Mosh Criterium

Chris “Zugelnation” and Mario “Big Injin” were the only two to line up for TVC, but represented well. Mario managed to make the early break and stay away with four other riders finishing 5th on the day. Even though severely outnumbered, Zugelnation provided tactical blocking in the peloton staying in the top 3 or so riders disrupting any possible chase groups. Chris managed to finish off the peloton and handily won the field sprint for a solid 7th place!

With only two guys in the field and two top 10 finishes, it shows just how TVC likes to make their presence known at every race!!

Big thanks to all of our sponsors for their support

A huge congrats to Chris Zugel ( #zugelnation, #thezugelreport, #nicecalvesbro ) on the win yesterday. Also the big guy, Mean Gene Tolli joined him on the podium in 3rd, with Froh 5th and Derek “Linebacker” Hughes in 10th


Nice work boys!!!! 


Chris Zugel Wins the 2014 Great Dane Spring Criterium


With Andrew Ohlsson, Scott Moltzan and Todd Bugnacki also racing Team Velocause had a great showing for the season opener. See the full standings here.



Team Velocause traveled 5 hours East to Hastings, Michigan this past weekend to race Barry Roubaix. The race is a 36-mile gravel road race with very rolling terrain.


The team consisted of Mario Medina, Chris Zugel, Andy Feuersthaler, Nick Hardrath, Benny Smith, Vince Hanoski, and six-time Barry Roubaix racer Brady Fredrick.  Aside from Brady, none of us have ever seen or ridden the course. The plan was to pre-ride half of the course the day before, but that wasn’t possible due to logistics.


The scene in the morning was a bit frantic, as 4000 racers tried to park, warm up, and get to their starting wave (one racer was trying to find his wallet as well).  It had rained the night before, so no one knew what the conditions would be like.  The race began at 10:00am, with waves going off every 3 minutes.


They call it “The Killer Gravel Road Race”, but the conditions are much more like heavy sand. They tell me that in Michigan they use sand in lieu of salt for snow/ice, so there might have been gravel under the layers of sand, but we definitely raced on tacky, soft, wet sand. The other challenging parts about this race were the hills. We were never on a flat. We were either climbing or descending the whole time. No small hills here; 50-90 foot rollers, one after another, and it was windy (18mph SE).


So…having never seen the course, riding in cold, windy, wet conditions, and being out-of-towners, you would assume we got smoked?  NOPE….. The team rocked and got 3rd place in the team competition with Chris Zugel our fastest finisher with a 1:57:10. We were also on the podium in our age groups, with Andy Feuersthaler 5th, Mario Medina 4th, and Chris Zugel in 3rd.


We had a great time, raced well, laughed all weekend, and came home with prizes!


IMG 6288photo

Team Velocause completes their first volunteering of 2014 at Penfield Children’s Center.
Click to view the letter or to read what Penfield said of our efforts click here

2014 Penfield Letter


Angry Andy Benny Todd Vince from Bens Cycle Nicholas Hardrath ZMan' 2014 Penfield Volunteers

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